Testimonials for your Cakes

Testimonials for your cakes

A strategy that is not used as often as it could be is asking for testimonials for your cakes.
Why is this ignored?
Are we too busy in our day? Are we too embarrassed to ask a delighted customer to pen a few words to that effect?
But imagine what you could do with all these refreshing words.

Asking for testimonials for your cakes could help with your marketing too.

You could add some testimonials for your cakes onto any printed material or add some onto a page on a website.
You could add some words onto a post and put on social media. Think of positive claims for your work being added to your name.
This could be via your Instagram feed, Facebook or Pinterest. Or anywhere else that your customer could look.

So could you ask your customer what they thought of their purchase?

Could you ask them to spend a couple of minutes writing that down to help you with your marketing?
There are specific things we can do – to encourage people to buy. In an ethical way.  Social proof is one of these ideas. If a prospective purchaser witnesses other positive comments from recent buyers, they act. They feel happier because others have trodden the road before them.
Think of websites that you visit. On a holiday site – a pop up says 340 people are looking at this holiday right now. Trip Advisor – we scan the comments from others to assess whether we would are likely to visit a restaurant. Social proof – in all its glory.  On Amazon we look for others thoughts about the things we are about to buy.  

So what could you do

– the next time a completed cake leaves your kitchens?
Could you be like the lorries that have the stickers on their rear doors. ‘How is my driving?’
Can you ask politely for a few kind words to share?
So from ‘How is my driving?’ to ‘How is your cake?’  
What could you do for your cake decorating  business?  – 
Just a thought……
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