What about cake sizes?

Cake sizes and the importance of asking questions

My thoughts this week are about cake sizes.
Sometimes you may get a customer who would like to order a huge cake.
I had one like that – the lady wanted it to feed 150 people at the party. The cake was so huge – I struggled to get it through the kitchen door!  I wished I had more experience at the time with cake sizes! 
Anyway – I had an invitation to the party. So since I was there I was painfully aware that the cake was not cut on the night of the party.
The occasion was a teenagers 18th birthday.
In all the excitement of the party, not one person had been mindful to halt the proceedings.
So the music didn’t stop, we never sang ‘happy birthday’ and the cake was never cut by the caterers. (You would have thought the caterers might have nudged the hosts).
I guess they did not remind them either! (Perhaps in hindsight – I should have got involved and nudged the caterers, but it seemed a bit bold at the time. I was not the Host after all!)

Is it just too many portions?

But the point is this…how many customers ask for a cake that is in reality just ‘too large’? Then they might moan about the potential costs too?
Could you find out exactly how many portions are going to be consumed?
How many portions would the host need after the party?
Would a dummy cake be required?
Will the cake be cut and fed to all the guests there in reality?
Or is it a token cake as a centrepiece to mark the occasion, just to be admired?  
Could a side cake with no decoration be offered to be cut – leaving the centrepiece untouched?
But if your customer is making enquiries about a huge cake – it might be worth keeping in mind the questions above.
I shall leave you with that thought!
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