What about your previously delighted cake customers?

Are you ignoring the delighted cake customers who were once thrilled with your services?

Are you using the MOST expensive way to get orders?

Do you market to new people all the time? This is singularly THE most expensive way to increase your sales for your cake business. (Or perhaps you wait for people to show up and ask you for an order… But this is the subject for another day!)
But do you ever consider marketing to your delighted cake customers?
Could you?
And if yes, how could you tell them about your services again?
What could you offer – to ensure that they return with a smile on their faces?  People happy to get another order for their special celebration from you?
I have spoken with some cake decorators whose attitude is….’I don’t like to beg for business!’

Reminding your happy customers that you are still in business – is NOT begging for business.

It’s business…
I found an instance of someone going to another cake decorator. This happened just because she COULD NOT REMEMBER the name of the lady who did her previous cake.
She had been delighted – but had no recall of the cake decorator’s name.
So the first cake decorator lost out.
Think of some ways to make your service memorable.
What could you leave with the customer. that they would ‘hate’ to discard which has your details on it?
The very least that should be given out – is a smart business card.
Do you have – or would you consider starting an email list?  That way its easier to keep in touch with past customers and show them your latest designs and offers.
If you keep in touch with us – we have a whole host of ideas to help you with your cake decorating business.
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