What cake customers really want

What cake customers really want

When asked what cake customers really want – the answers were unsurprising.
They love helpful, personal, professional service.  Your customers need to be able to ‘like’ the designer and find them relatable.
Buyers want evidence that they have experience and know what they are doing. The people who buy from you need confidence that their cake order is in the best hands.
My question to you is how do you achieve all this connection from an email thread?
We need to think about what cake customers really want.

Customers were asked how they liked us to communicate with them…

Also when asked how they would like to be communicated with – the outstanding 100% said – in person. NOT email.
I see disappointed talented cake business owners moaning. The fact that they are not getting orders and their competitors appear to. They want to know why.
I am willing to bet that if I unpicked their process from enquiry to presenting a price there are essential bits missing. You cannot build rapport with a person via email. You need to speak in person.
How can a person decide if they will chose you over and above another designer from two emailed quotes?
You see people don’t care so much about the sale – but the experience of buying. The way they were treated and if they liked the person selling too.

As a buyer – we will think this is obvious.

Think about the last bit of furniture you bought and the sales people concerned. Did they influence your choice. Did you ever walk away from a shop because of a less than pleasant assistant or non existent help?
As a person selling creations, we tend to forget that there is a connection between what we think we are selling. And what the customer wants too.


They need the product coupled with a good experience buying it.

As sugarcrafters running a home bakery, we have an extra level of positive ‘word of mouth’ open to us. There are few things that people are as passionate about as delicious and beautiful food!
Having customers walk away thinking “she was really helpful and nice. She listened to me, and made a delicious and gorgeous cake” then you have the kind of marketing that no amount of money can buy!
So while you may be spending a lot of money, time, and energy on making sure your product looks amazing. You have only the best pictures for show. You may forget that the presentation is only a small part of what your customers seek.
Consider spending more time on selling what customers are really looking to buy. And that is a positive and memorable experience.
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