Cake Business Enquiries

For the most part you need to be ultra organised with your cake business enquiries.
How many times have we begun a project? Have we ever written an email or promised to phone?
But not carried through the task to its logical conclusion?
But do enquiries arrive in multiple places – which is confusing to say the least?
Perhaps before we start getting ultra busy – we need to be mindful of organising our cake business enquiries.

Where are your Cake Business Enquiries arriving?

You possibly have enquiries coming in from all kinds of different areas on social media. Maybe you cannot keep up with this admin. But failing to come back to a task or an enquiry leaving this undone can only damage your cake business. You will end up with a reputation for sloppy business management for sure. And you will lose that enquiry to your competition.
I asked a few potential customers who may buy cakes in the future. How would you like to be contacted?
All of them said – I would like to hear from my cake decorator by phone and speak to them personally.  NOT via email!
Now given that so many people are simply responding to an enquiry via email… you do have to question why?
Wouldn’t you be already ahead of any competitors if you spoke directly to a customer?
And what of all the variety of places you have to deal with.
Any of the following places could be used by your potential customers if they are given the chance.
Facebook Messenger,
Facebook Page Message,
Pinterest, Messenger,
Web form on website
and more…
All these are places where messages could arrive and time is of the essence.
I have some ideas on how to get all these enquiries streamlined which I will share another time.
But meanwhile, today my thoughts are how are you going to navigate all these potential places?
Could you ensure you only offer a couple of places? An easy route for potential customers to connect with you?
Would that save all the confusion and stress of full inboxes. As well as many places to check for potential orders too.
Just a thought.
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