Cake Business – How do you take a cake order from a customer?

Just how do you book out time for a customer and get a cake order?

Do you have a conversation and immediately look at your electronic calendar in front of the customer – to see if you have space for another cake order that particular week?

Or do you take down the details and say you will have to check the records and get back to them?

Which would be better? Which looks more professional?

An immediate response, so that the customer knows that you can create their cake and fit it in your schedule – or a delayed response, with ‘Let me check the bookings and come back to you with designs and prices’?

So what could be preferred by the customer? A slot booked in – for a cake, whilst they have no idea of the final cost? Or a slight delay – and a confirmation of the slot availability plus a discussion around the price and design.

Surely the later option is better?

The first would create a nervous customer – never quite knowing what they had booked themselves in for in terms of cost.

With so many people using email – it is easy to hide behind email and forget to have either a face to face conversation or even a telephone conversation, the whole transaction happening via email. This is when misunderstandings happen.

So take the opportunity – when out and about, and being asked for a cake for a party – just take the contact details. Get back to the customer with a conversation – not just email. You will have a higher chance of tweaking a design, should it be deemed as ‘too pricey’ whilst you are there present in person, or on the telephone – than you ever will by sending an email.

Whilst thinking about cake orders – have you seen our selection of Customer Order Forms – which are available online?

Here is the link


E Form for Laptops and Ipads

Just a thought,