Cake Business Ideas – Grandma’s baking

You perhaps have seen via my recent posting.  The sudden and totally unexpected loss of my mum – who encouraged me, believed in me, and gave me a mass of help when the chips were down.  My background is – I became a single mum when I decided to divorce my husband when the kids were 2 and 5.  (Long story)  Mum came to babysit in the evenings – so I could go to night school to enhance my cake decorating skills and earn my City & Guilds certification in Sugar Craft.  This skill enabled me to earn money extra money and keep the wolf from the door, when my ex decided to pay zero for his kids (ever).  My craft and a constant flow of orders enabled us to arrange inexpensive holidays, always remembered fondly by the children, picnics, days out to fun places and trips to the seaside.

So because of many conversations with family members because of our recent sad event found me speaking with a cousin who reminded me. ‘Oh, your mum was a fabulous baker, we were so jealous, ours was rubbish!’ she said.  Now as the years went by, mum baked less, my sister and I grew up, and then the subsequent grandchildren who helped make cakes in her kitchen too grew up too.  But the fact still remained, my mum was – a fabulous baker, a talent appreciated perhaps more by the people without it and were blessed with the mums who could not bake, than possibly by the people who took it for granted that all mums/grandmas could do this!  My daughter believes that all grandmas can bake a fabulous cake, just because hers could!

So do you perhaps underestimate the value of your skill, the fact that you can do something that perhaps other people cannot?    Do not ever take it for granted!     Keep practising and wondering how to improve your craft as well as your business skills and the orders will come in for your creations, making special memories for milestones in other people’s lives.

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