Cake Business Ideas: Wet Paint

It came to my notice whilst walking the other day, that a sign proclaiming ‘Wet Paint’ which I observed many months before was still hanging off the park bench. Surely after four or so months – the paint must be dry!

Presumably it is the painters job, to re-visit a location and ensure that his work was complete and to his satisfaction, removing any signs at the same time? Obviously not……..

But this little sign got me thinking. How many times have we started a project, contacted someone by letter or email, maybe promised to phone and have not carried the task through to its logical conclusion. Clearly the workman who painted the bench, never intended to return, check the quality of his completed work and remove his sign, leaving it up to the general public to test if the seat was safe to use.

So how can we use this idea in our business? How about making sure you have a check list of tasks that are in progress? What if you only ticked them off when they truly were complete, wouldn’t this ensure that things were always finished and nothing left to chance or another person to check for completion? Where could you be more organised and professional in your business ensuring that you followed through on every outstanding task? Just a thought…

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