Cake Business – What about cake sizes?

My thoughts this week are about cake sizes.

Sometimes you may get a customer who would like to order a huge cake.

I had one like that – the lady wanted it to feed 150 people at the party. The cake was so huge – I struggled to get it through the kitchen door!

Anyway – I was invited to the party, so therefore I knew, that the cake was not cut on the night of the party.

It was a teenagers 18th birthday – and in all the excitement of seeing their friends and socialising, no-one had made a note to stop the music ‘sing happy birthday’ and get the cake cut by the caterers.

I guess they did not remind them either! (Perhaps in hindsight – I should have got involved and nudged the caterers, but it seemed a bit cheeky at the time!)

But the point is this…how many customers ask for a cake that is in reality just ‘too large’? Then they might moan about the potential costs too?

Could you establish a true reflection of exactly how many portions really are required? Even if a dummy cake makes up the rest of the design? Will the cake be cut in reality – to feed all the guests that are there, or is it a token cake as a centre piece to mark the occasion?

I shall leave you with that thought!