4 Ways to Paint a Cake

4 Ways to Paint a Cake

Here are just 4 ways to paint a cake.  There are a multitude of other ways to add colour and depth to your cake designs too.  But let’s start with just four!

Rice paper, fondant, coloured gels, luster dust. And there are even more if you look around (provided they are edible!) All lend to the artist’s creative ability and allow you to create almost anything you can imagine. One of my favorite ways of adding color and interest to a cake is very simple and “hands-on” – just paint it!

You don’t have to be DaVinci to create beautiful and artistic sugarcraft pieces, either. Here are 4 quick videos which display 4 very easy ways to paint a cake. Enjoy!

1. Paint a Cake Using Cocoa Powder and oil

Using some cocoa powder mixed with cooking fat, paint onto a fondant-covered cake.  You can add in flower dust too for more variation.    The video link is quite old – but explains how to mix the cocoa and paint it on the fondant icing.  

2. Paint a Cake Using Ready-Made Gel Colors

Use the same gel colors already in your bakery or kitchen,  commonly used for coloring fondant. Using this method you can quickly create watercolor-like paints. This enables you to create beautiful or fun murals right on your cakes. This method works best if you have a bit of experience working in watercolors. Otherwise, spend an afternoon experimenting before trying it on a client’s cake!
Why not cover a thin cake board with fondant icing and allow it to dry – and then experiment. It’s great fun.

3. Paint a cake With Royal Icing

Simple yet elegant. Painting a cake this way is best done with a “less is more” mentality. Complete the design in as few strokes as possible!

4. Paint a Cake With Dry Lustre or Petal Dust

No mixing or diluting is required for this method!
Those who have made petals of gradient color schemes will recognize this technique. Paint dry lustre or petal dust right onto fondant and build up the colour. Why not use it to decorate more than just flowers? Beware of a slight mess, though!
Put some paper underneath to catch the dust!

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