Cake customers and negative feedback! How do you react?

I heard recently a great quote I wanted to share with you regarding negative feedback from disgruntled customers.

‘It’s not about having a problem with a customer – it’s how you react to that problem.’

So what would you do? A friend of mine runs her business and recently discovered a disgruntled customer had posted on her Facebook page – a negative comment. The customer was moaning and making critical comments without having contacted the owner of the business first.

You could start an argument via Facebook and fail to resolve the problem publicly or you could discover the issue for complaint and try your best to resolve the problem amicably.

In my experience – by treating a person who has an issue with respect and dealing with the issue in hand in a prompt and courteous manner has resulted in a raving fan – rather than even more negative comments being shared on social media. And how do you communicate with that customer? Would it be best practice to pick up the phone and discuss the matter in hand – rather than email or private Facebook messages?

So how quickly do you ‘nip them in the bud’ (is that a UK saying) – how quickly do you react and stop the rot? Do you regain your customer’s trust? What could you do better in the future?

Just a thought.