Cake decorating business? Is a website important?

A recent conversation with a bride to be started me thinking. The young lady said to me, “Do you know I have searched high and low on the internet at potential cake decorators in a particular area of the country, but I have found very little to whet my appetite for a wedding cake.” I enquired further.

“There might be a website I can view, but a lot I found don’t have the professional feel to them – surely if I am going to spend a good budget on a wedding cake – I should be able to arrive at a cake decorating business website and be assured that their cake creations are in line with the quality of their website too. If a designer is trying to pursuade me that their product is top notch, whilst their website is not, how can I trust them with my money?”

Point well made. And particularly important for any wedding cake designer to think about (well actually any cake decorator who would like more business actually). There is nothing worse than finding out of focus cake pictures – along with perhaps only a mobile telephone number, no mention of where the local area is either and perhaps a contact form – which never seems to reach where it is supposed to go – as indicated by a lack of response to the enquiry filled in via the website. So for someone searching for cakes because their marriage is taking place in a particular area – it is really important to ensure that contact details have not only mobile and landline numbers but as well as the place the business is situated. Perhaps including the areas the cake will be delivered to – could also help.

The young lady lost count of the number of websites that she crossed off her list – saying she would continue to look for a wedding cake decorator with a super website, that filled her with confidence. None had to date……

I know that websites are not the cheapest thing to build and maintain, but for a business without a shop window or high street presence they are the most important thing to get right – they are the window to the cake decorators talent. If the customer is put off by the website – there is no business!

Just a thought!