Cake Pricing – a simple solution to the budget problem!

So the day arrives when someone – (a stranger) asks for a cake – and suddenly the cake decorator is launched into ‘What do I do now ?’ sort of panic!

Gleefully and full of excitement combined with nerves, the cake decorator rushes off to cost out their latest creation and duly arranges to contact the potential buyer with the price.

You can only imagine the horror when having enthusiastically shown the gorgeous and twinkling creation to the customer, that upon blurting out the price, the potential customers exclaims, “Oh, that is way too much, I was thinking about one third of that price!”  This sort of thing, or they might say “I will have a think about it”  Because they do not want to say “It’s too much”

So what does the cake decorator do?  Did she/he ask about the amount of portions that were required in the first place?  Did  they show an existing portfolio of designs and guage a reaction whilst mentioning prices?  A rough guide price at that stage would have prepared the potential customer for their estimate.

The closer the price quote matches with the customer expectation – the more likely a sale will take place.  So what could this particular cake decorator have done better, in order to ascertain what kind of order would suit the customer budget?

How about ……drum roll please….asking the customer???


Just a thought!