Pricing cake? – Recipes in ‘cups,’ grams or ounces

Pricing cake when a recipe asks for cups or grams makes pricing an ‘interesting’ process.

And one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘I am really not sure how to price my ingredients when pricing cake – just how do I do it?’

And this is especially more tricky if the recipe being used requires ‘cups’ as a measurement – and the bags purchased from the shops are in grams or ounces or even pounds.

Just how do you cope?

There are two ways to pricing cake – when we have the mismatch of ingredient weight to receipe – let me tell you the simplest way.

Pour the contents of your bag of ingredients into a large wide bowl. Scoop the contents of the wide bowl into a plastic storage jar and count how many ‘cup fulls’ the bag of ingredients recently purchased contains.

Find the price of the bag and divide the price by the number of scoops or cups – that you just discovered.

So for instance say the bag cost say $3.00 (and that could be £ or Euros or any decimal currency).  You discovered that there were 10 scoops or cups in the bag – then divide the $3.00 by 10 which equals .30c per cup.

(Change the figures and currency to suite – as I have deliberately used easy to divide figures for ease of showing you!)

Use the cup you would always use for baking – or your sums will possibly be wrong.

If you have the CakeCoachOnline Cake Calculator already – just change the weight of the bag of dried ingredients purchased into a number of cups.  It really is the simplest way when pricing cake. 

Choosing whichever number you discovered when you scooped it all out and add the price you paid to the calculator.

If you do not have the Cake Calculator – you can use the method above to give you a price for each dried ingredient – or indeed anything that requires a ‘cup’ in your recipe. This will enable you to work out your price effectively for each cup – and enable you to establish a price for your cakes that is correct.

Perhaps not as efficiently as with the Cake Calculator – though.

So here is the link – if your cake decorating equipment and systems are bereft of this great little tool to help.

Check out the details


In any event – if you have Cake Calculator already – I hope the above little trick helps you. If you don’t it will still help!

If you knew the above already – apologies, just spread the word, as I get asked a lot!