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Struggling With Cake Pricing? 

The extra guidance you need is now available!  

Grab a Personal One on One Tutorial slot with CakeCoachOnline

Karen MacFadyen 

 Creator at CakeCoachOnline

Whether you decorate full time, part time or in your spare time... getting to grips with cake pricing is essential.  If you: 

  • Are frustrated with the lack of help out there 
  • Are unsure of how to price
  • Feel there must be an easier way 
  • Fear you lack the time to get your cake calculator working for you
  • Learn by being shown, rather than reading instructions...

You are in the right place

A Personal Tutorial is suitable for any cake decorator who has recently purchased the Cake Calculator and wants a bit of expert guidance along the way.  So why not grab yourself a 30 minute Personal Tutorial slot with Karen MacFadyen of CakeCoachOnline, the creator of the Cake Calculator?  

Discover how to best use your Cake Calculator and gain hints, tips and shortcuts to help you on your pricing journey. 

 Buy a Cake Calculator Personal Tutorial (£49. 99 + v.a.t.) NOW 

- get expert guidance direct from CakeCoachOnline that you need

- plus a recording of your call

- ask all the questions that you wish to

Price with certainty from now on! 


The Personal Tutorial for the Cake Calculator is suitable for any baked goods business owners, who want to be sure that they are not losing money by estimating the costs of their creations and want hints and tips and to ask questions around pricing too. 

This service is unique to CakeCoachOnline and has been designed to enhance your use of the Cake Calculator and help you become confident with your pricing using our fabulous tool.   

  • 1.

    30 Minute Call (Online)

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    Pay and receive a link to our Online Calendar

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    Choose a time slot to suit yourself

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    Gentle Expert Guidance

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    Receive a recording of your call

Learn how best to use your Cake Calculator and ask any questions too. 

HINT:  Just ensure that your purchase of the cake calculator is already installed on your PC/Laptop and that your internet is working for the call.  


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    Fit this short tutorial around your busy life!

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    Click the calendar link you receive in your email and choose a time to suit you.

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    If slots are full, email us and we will attempt to find a slot to suit you...we are flexible like that!

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    For anyone nervous of pricing - personal patient help is NOW available

  • 5.

    Review your call at any time in the future by replaying the recording you will receive

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"Get the mystery of Cake Pricing nailed once and for all!"

How do I know what I know? With 36 years of experience in small business, qualifications in teaching, business coaching, Sugarcraft and being fairly inventive in systems that actually work - I have designed all kinds of goodies to help the Cake Decorators of the world.  Cake Calculator is the first thing I created to help with pricing. Cake Decorators like to see things working - and therefore our latest offer is Private Tutorials with me.  Why not get the mystery of cake pricing nailed once and for all?  

Karen MacFadyen
"Cake Pricing has ALWAYS been every Cake Decorators nightmare!"

How I wish I had something like this many years ago.  It has always been every cake decorators nightmare, trying to work out prices to charge.  Because you always want to be fair, it is so easy to under charge, but with the Cake Calculator, I will not be in that position again.  And when somebody says "How much?"  I can show them a complete breakdown of the costs.  BRILLIANT!  

Cobbies Corner Blog

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(USD $61 or Euro  55  approx.  Depending upon exchange rate at time of purchase.)

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Here is a reminder of what your Cake Calculator can do for you. 

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    Price your cakes with confidence

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    Cost your recipes with ease

  • 3.

    Include store cupboard ingredients

  • 4.

    Build a library of cake designs

  • 5.

    Stop guessing at the true value of your creations

  • 1.

    Use the Cake Calculator over and over again

  • 2.

    Save time and money

  • 3.

    Avoid undercharging again

  • 4.

    Suitable for any currency

  • 5.

    Works in grams and ounces

Hundreds of people are already using The Cake Calculator in their businesses every day.  

Now I'm going to say its amazing right? 

 Well here is what a handful of other Cake Calculator users are saying....

"Great for your records!"

"Before I had the Cake Calculator I used to scribble down all the ingredients, it would take ages and I'd usually miss something off!  All the hard work is done for you on the Cake Calculator.  I can even change the costs and add ingredients to suit my prices.  Being able to print it off is great for your records too!  Definitely a must.  Thank you!"

Nichola Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
"Going to be of great help to me"

"I am sure this is going to be of great help to me as I have always had the problem of not really knowing what to charge and being told by other cake bakers that I am far too cheap!!!"

Jill Heaney
Cape Town
South Africa
"Essential tool"

"A must for any baker!"

Angela Shipley

So if you want some help, receive hints and tips of exactly 

how to use your new purchase by being shown, 

along with the opportunity to ask all the questions that you want, 

as well as receive a recording for future reference too.  Ask yourself this - 

"Isn't it better to get the hand holding I need rather than struggle with my pricing.  Some short cuts would be good - wouldn't they?" 

So grab your Personal Tutorial and get your Cake Calculator working at it's best!

(USD $61 or Euros 55 approx.  Depending on exchange rate at time of purchase.)

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