Cake Pricing Made Easy..... at last!...

Discover the secrets of pricing and estimating your time

(plus ingredients)

in this course designed by cake decorators

for cake decorators!

Do your customers want quality cakes but at grocery store prices? 

Are you unsure even what is a fair hourly rate? 

Uncertain whether to charge per slice, cake size or by length of time a design takes. 

Have you been second guessing estimating your time, but unsure just how to track your work? 

Hate having no easy way to trace back your ‘sums’ for a previous price - for future reference? 

Do you lack the confidence to even begin pricing a complex design? 

Price  £69.  

Hint: £69 = approx $91** 

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There are no shipping nor postage or packaging costs 

associated with this purchase.  The Cake Pricing Made Easy Course is an Online product!


Can you imagine..

having the confidence to charge the correct amount for your cake designs- keeping both your customer and yourself happy and be paid exactly what you wanted?

What if you could

understand exactly the process of estimating and charging for your designs and cakes? 

It would be amazing to

never having to worry about underestimating your time nor shooting yourself in the foot by undercharging - only to have the same bargain hunter customer coming back for more!

What if you could

discover a way to never ‘give your work away’ again? 

And it would be great to

have a system to refer back to previous designs to shorten the length of time estimating a new cake design takes - wouldn’t it? 

What if getting paid peanuts for your cake(s) - could only be a distant memory?

Now it’s all possible!

Let me introduce Cake Pricing Made Easy - the Online course designed by cake decorators for cake decorators wanting to price realistically and accurately. 

Firstly I teach you to define what you are best at, your market, plus what should be in place for a business too.  We examine beliefs the could hold you back.  (Amazing but true!) 

You then discover exactly how to price your ingredients, cost your time and estimate and track time too.

The course contains 

the Cake Calculator PLUS  (along with a series of other downloadable worksheets and guides) - which explains how to add profit to your cakes and charge it on, what deposits to ask the customer for and the balances due (if any). Your Cake Calculator PLUS will also work out a cost per slice for you - if that is the way you choose to price.

If you have your hourly charge already - you need to begin by tracking each element of designing and making. And this course covers this skill too - giving downloadable worksheets to help. So in short, an easy way to determine a fair cost for your time and exactly how to add this on to your charges too.

This course will help you...

  • Avoid constant confusion by the assurance that every element required IS included in your price 
  • Prevent loss of money by adding in store cupboard ingredients 
  • Gain clarity on your hourly rate to charge onwards  
  • Discover the secrets to estimating quickly for any brand new design. 
  • Avoid losing money by getting total clarity on your prices
  • Utilize the enhanced PLUS SIZE Cake Calculator to discover your profits and costs per slice.
  • Get clarity on money owed to you by your customers
  • Add a professonal consultation to your tool kit - by using your Cake Calculator PLUS at Customer Consultations

In three parts - of 60 minutes each - each part has short bite sized videos - you just need an internet connection to watch them. 

There are downloadable worksheets and guides as well as a tracker - so you know exactly where you left off. Helpful emails also arrive in your inbox to support you too.

Each part unlocks weekly - and is designed to build upon the information gathered in the previous parts. BUT if you are super anxious to gather the information quickly - just let us know and we will unlock the course for you.


Price £69.  

Hint: £69 = approx $91**

*Conditions Apply

There are no shipping nor postage or packaging costs 

associated with this purchase.  The Cake Pricing Made Easy Course is an Online product!



Meet CakeCoachOnline!

Hi - I am Karen MacFadyen from London UK and I created the system called Cake Pricing Made Easy to help our cake decorators worldwide - to price and estimate their time and ingredients.

You see I worked with designers pricing and charging out their time, devising simple ways to do this and am willing to share my systems now with you.  

I have woven my skills in sugarcraft, small business, coaching and organisational ideas all together into one neat bundle - especially for our Cake Decorating communities across the world. 

It's a valuable skill to bolt onto the skills of cake decorating - and essential to get right too.   

100% Money Back Guarantee

We truly only want delighted customers.  

If you are disappointed with your purchase and would like a refund please contact us with 30 Days of purchase - and your refund will be processed immediately.  

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"This system will definitely make me more successful!

Recently I’ve also signed up for this online course. I’ve completed the first month’s module which deals with starting up a cake business, figuring out the market you are aiming for, setting up an action plan and more. 

The course has made me think of things I’d never considered regarding my business and I think as the course goes on I am going to learn a lot that will definitely make me more successful. 

Whether you’re just starting out or been making cakes for a while but are unsure as to how to run the business side of things, I’d definitely recommend checking out all that’s on offer from Cake Coach Online.

Jane Ibbs
"The BEST online business kit so far. This is the ONLY tool needed"

I have been baking for the past 10 years but my focus has only been on developing recipes and merely baking cakes for others. 

Pricing was based on what I feel was right, and of course when doing business with friends, I wouldn’t want them to think that I overprice my cake although at times I realize now that I was hardly making any profit! I also didn’t have enough ideas on how to make this passion of mine really, really work. 

I was actually looking for a tool to help me with pricing my new cakes and desserts when I saw your advert online. 

What I got was more than what I paid for. Costing, planning, etc. etc. are what I have also learned from your program! 

You have successfully made topics easy to understand in relation to the business of baking! 

I have bought a few online kits on helping bakers run their business but this is the best so far. I would recommend that this is the ONLY tool needed by them!

M Shariff

Simply said - 

'Why not prevent cutting yourself short on charges 

when being asked for a quote?

Here is what you will DISCOVER in the Cake Pricing Made Easy course..

There are three parts to the course.  If you want to know what is actually you go.

Each week of the course reveals a new module to take action on...

Here's just a taste of what you'll be learning:

Part 1– Discovering your best skills and some fresh ideas to help you

Define & leverage your strongest skills as a baker/decorator

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out to your potential customers (even in a sea of highly-experienced and skilled competitors)
  • How to specialize/niche for specific markets
  • Discover which critical “pieces” MUST be in place before you begin  selling your cakes 

Part 2 – Pricing for Profit & Adopting a Healthy Money Mindset

  • The TOP hidden limiting beliefs that are preventing you from charging your true worth… (and how to instantly re-wire your brain to ask for the appropriate reward and become confident and valued.).
  • How to position your prices so that they are fair and attractive to customers, while ensuring you make money on EACH order! (Never undercharge for a cake again!)
  • Implement the CakeCoachOnline 10-Step Pricing System - ensuring nothing is left out and you don’t undercharge for your cakes

Part 3 – Valuing and tracking time, extra costs and making money

  • How to CORRECTLY estimate the time it takes to complete an order from start-to-finish, so you can accurately budget time in your day and NEVER have to feel overwhelmed.
  • How to TRACK your time, building up a library of designs meaning that estimating prices becomes easier and easier
  • How to analyse and organise  inventory cupboard ingredients - and drastically cut your ingredient shopping time each week.
  • Set up specific income goals, and break down step-by-step WHAT needs to happen in order to achieve those goals. (it’s all in the numbers…) :)

You'll also receive...

√ Support emails every week – to keep you on track with your business goals

√ Approximately 60 minutes worth of video in each module (split into easy-to-watch chunks) so you can pick it up and put it down, and watch it in between a busy family or work life too.

(That’s over 3 hours of video content!)

√ Coordinating worksheets, calculators, and guides for each of the 3 modules, including:

  • Value your Time worksheet
  • Time Tracker for single cake
  • Time Tracker for multiple cakes
  • Cake Calculator PLUS
  • including Cake Portion /Profit/ Deposit to pay guide
  • Store Cupboard Guide
  • Overhead organizer
  • Recharges worksheet
  • Goals to plan
  • My ideal customer worksheet
  • Setting up Checklist

...Plus, easy-to-follow instructions on what to do, and how to use each worksheet!

You'll never have to put yourself under pressure about costings again.

Imagine being able to:

  • Make pricing your time and your cakes turn into the easiest part of your cake decorating tasks.

That can happen for you too!

It’s all about starting off with the RIGHT SYSTEMS.

That’s exactly what the  3 Week Cake Pricing Made Easy course is designed to do. 


Click the button below to start 

charging correctly for your cakes from now on.

 Price £69.  

Hint:  £69 = approx $91** 

*Conditions Apply

There are no shipping nor postage or packaging costs 

associated with this purchase.  The Cake Pricing Made Easy Course is an Online product!


** Depending upon exchange prevailing at time of purchase


Some frequently asked questions:

What happens once I purchase?

Once you pay - you will receive an email direct to the email inbox you used when you paid - giving you your unique username and password and log in details.  This will give you access to our secure Account area - for you to access your videos and downloadable worksheets.

What if I don't want to wait for each part to unlock and learn more quickly?

Just email us and we can easily let you have access - the course was designed to be 'drip fed' to avoid overwhelm, but we appreciate that some learners just want to learn fast.  So just let us know - no problem!

What if I don't like it?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place.  Just let us know - and we can give you a full and courteous refund.  We only want delighted customers.

What if I purchase from outside of the UK?

We have many customers from outside of the UK.  Your payment will appear on your debit/credit card statement in your own currency - and the exchange rate prevailing at the time of purchase will be applied.  The system works in ANY decimal currency too and has been purchased from all over the world. 

How long do I have access to the Cake Pricing Made Easy course?

Access to the Cake Pricing Made Easy course remains open to you - all the while the course is live  (there are no plans to remove it in the foreseeable future).

Do I have to pay VAT?

Depending upon your location you may have to pay VAT.  This is based on the country you are in when purchasing.  

What if I have technical challenges?

Just let us know if there is anything that you are stuck on - and we will get back to you as fast as we can to sort it.  We have never been stumped yet!