Fun Friday – Lattice Cake Decorating Technique

Having a garden party, tea party or just a casual gathering of friends?  If you haven’t planned one, you’ll certainly want to so you can show off this dazzling design.

Use this very simple decorating technique of only 3 steps to create an elegant lattice on a cake.  This technique would also be great used for decorating any cake for a party or entertaining of family and friends.  Absolutely a stunning design for the summer months!


Cake Dividing Set


Plastic ruler


Step 1:  Use the cake divider and a toothpick to mark your cake at top and bottom in equal divisions. Mark each division in half.



Step 2:  Use plastic ruler to mark diagonal lines from top to bottom markings at desired angle.




Step 3:  Mark intersecting diagonal lines from bottom to top markings.




Courtesy of:  Wilton