Fun Friday – Poke A Dot

Coming up with ideas for decorated cakes are sometimes harder than the actual decorating, especially for Tweens and Teens.  Modernize a cake simply by adding polka dots in various sizes!  Not only is it cute and colorful, but it’s much easier than it looks.

Polka dot decorating is perfect for buttercream frosting.  To neatly pipe dots, hold the pastry bag at a slight angle with both hands and keep the tip close to the surface of the cake.  Gently squeeze out icing, release, and pull back. Frosting dots are also great to help hide smudged areas or spotted icing.

Large, medium and small size dots can be added as well for more variety.  For a more colorful cake, co-ordinate the colors and use various icing colors for the dots.

Polka dots are perfect for almost any occasion and can be used alone or with other cake decorations.

Fun Idea courtesy of  Country Living Magazine!