Fun Friday – Sunburst Your Cake

Do you need a simple decorating technique that bursts color and excitement?  The Aster features a bright burst of petals that are simple to make. The textured Aster works great for almost any cake!  They’re also perfect for Mother’s Day or cakes for showers.


Meringue Powder

Royal Icing or Buttercream icing

Wilton Tools:

Tip: 7

Tip: 74

Disposable Decorating Bags

Flower Nail No. 7

1 1/2 inch Waxed paper squares


1.  Using tip 7, pipe a mound of icing for the base (approximately 3/4″ diameter)

2.  Position the tip with the flattened, larger point on the top, pipe a row of short, pointed petals, about 3/8″ long, around the base using tip 74 while holding bag at a 45° angle.  Approximately 1/8 inch above nail surface, pipe a second row with shorter petals shorter and placing pointes between those in first row. Repeat for third row, with still shorter petals.

3.  With tip slightly above flower, fill in center with shorter petals pointing almost straight up.