Top 5 Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, many sugarcrafter’s are looking for unique recipes or ideas to make for our loved ones or pitch to potential customers. There are many option to choose from,  but CakeCoachOnline has scanned the Internet for our top 5 Valentine’s Day cake recipes this year.

Valentine’s Day is usually very busy for cake decorators,  but it is always important to look for possible new customers or spread the word about your business. Even if you don’t have a particular person to make these treats for this year,  try making a few anyway to give as samples. You may be surprised by the return!


1. Rose Garland Valentine’s Day Cake

This rose garland cake recipe by Wilton is classy yet festive,  as well as easy and fun to make! The mix of pink, red,  and white uses the Valentine’s day theme in a creative way,  and the roses are gorgeous. It would make a perfect gift for your Valentine this year. A great bonus is you can get all of the supplies to make it right on the Wilton website.

2. Baker’s Dozen Cake

This is another of Wilton’s famously delicious and easy cakes,  but with a more traditional and feminine style. Instead of the boring dozen roses for a gift,  try creating a gift that incorporates sweets and flowers in one! This is perfect for a mother,  sister, girlfriend,  or wife. It is also simple enough that it would go well with any party them if you need to whip something up quickly!


3. Rose Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes make excellent party favors or even samples to ramp up your cake business. Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for sugarcrafters,  so be sure to get in on the action any way you can! Consider making a bath of these festive cupcakes and distributing them at the office or a PTA meeting along with your card.


4. Easy Hearts Valentine’s Day Cake

This video shows an incredibly easy way to make a very cute cake – perfect for men and women on Valentine’s day. The bear and hearts are sweet,  but not distinctly feminine,  so anyone with a love of cake on Valentine’s Day would love this as a gift!


5. Chocolate Lover’s Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Chocolate is one of the biggest staples of Valentine’s day,  but it can get pretty boring just receiving a new box of it year after year. Instead, why not opt for a batch of decadent chocolate on chocolate cake pops with some extra-romantic decorations or accents? You can have a lot of fun playing with white, milk, and dark chocolates in this recipe.


Perfect Valentine’s Day Cake Flavors:

Along with our favorite recipes, here are some of our favorite flavors for Valentine’s Day cakes. Mix and match to create your perfect holiday cake.

  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • srawberry
  • pink lemonade
  • champagne
  • cream cheese
  • rose (add edible rose petals for an extra flair)
  • red velvet
  • raspberry
Tell us some of your favorite flavor pairings for the best Valentine’s Day cakes!