A Cake Business could use this marketing idea

A Cake Business could use this marketing idea

Have you ever considered using a ‘borrowed’ marketing idea from another business.  I have thought of something and a cake business could use this marketing idea.
Let me explain…
A thought occurred to me the other day. And that was around booking for something earlier and way in advance.
It meant that you got a bit of a discount for being organised and booking in your slot. An early bird deal.
This is the ways the train system works within the UK.
If you book 16 weeks in advance you get the cheapest option for the fares. Now it is also weird that if you book two single tickets you get them for cheaper than a return. Who knew? Anyway…
I digress….

But this system of booking early had me thinking.

Is this something you could apply in your home bakery business? I totally believe that a cake business could use this marketing idea. 
Something that your customers know you offer? A discount for thinking ahead? If you offered this do you think your order book would fill up quicker? And you could plan your weeks better?
On the other hand…
Or what about even asking for extra money for a late booking. A rush fee – so to speak.
And what of last moment amendments to the original order?
What fee should you charge for that hassle? Especially if the amendment was not any error of yours. But a last moment fussy customer choice and variation?

So how could you use these ideas and adapt them into your cake business?

Do you have a list of your cake customers who already purchased from you? (You should have by the way!)
Could you connect with them again? Could you tell them of your pre-booking early bird special offer?
In any event – wouldn’t it be a good idea to speak with past customers to remind them of your service? Perhaps tell them about something new you offer. And point them towards any special offers with an expiry date too.

How could you get your customers to be more organised?

But at the end of the day people know when the birthdays are coming. It is not like the date changes!
The only query would be what kind of party they are having. And if they wanted a celebration cake or not.
Just a thought?
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