How to Use Color Flow Icing

Color flow icing

and how to use it…

Color flow icing is a fun ingredient you can use to make more 3D designs for cakes,  cookies,  and cupcakes.
The designs can look very professional and marvelous. But it does take time and practice to get things right.
In fact,  many beginners in this color flow icing technique have a few problems the first couple of times.
So much so that they give up on it entirely!

Here are some tips to help you use color flow icing effectively.

First,  follow the mixing instructions exactly.
For the most popular color flow icing recipes,  you must mix for 7 minutes. This will ensure a smooth consistency and fully incorporated color.
If after you have mixed your icing and it seems too thick, then go ahead and add extra water. Do this a little at a time until you get it to the consistency you’d like. Don’t do this until it has been fully mixed,  though!
You can trace an image or freehand design.  And you should draw your picture or idea on wax paper with a food-safe pen first. Make sure the wax paper is large enough to keep at least 1 inch border around the entire image.
If tracing,  tape the wax paper over the picture and then trace with the pen. You can then apply the color flow icing directly onto the wax paper to create the desired image. 
As you do this step there is one thing you need to ensure. And that is to have all of the supplies necessary to complete the job right at hand. You will need to work fairly quickly and efficiently.
Otherwise the icing dries before you have finished.

You will need:

The wax paper (setup on something portable – like a plate.)
The color flow icing
A rag
Paper towels
Once the image is finished,  set it aside in a cool, dry place to dry for at least 2 days. 48 hours is the minimum amount of time required for the icing to fully set and dry,  and it usually takes closer to 3 or 4 days. The longer you allow it to dry,  the less chances you have of it being ruined in the next step. Remove it too quickly and it can crack!
After allowing the design to dry,  you will need to remove the wax paper from the back.
The easiest way to do this is to lay the paper down on a flat table or counter. Then drag the paper over the edge until a small edge of the design is hanging over.
Hold the paper in place on the counter. With one hand and then use the other to gently pull the paper away from the icing image. Do this all around the edges of the design. Then you can gently peel away the wax paper entirely from the back.
The process of removing the wax paper is the most painstaking,  but must be done carefully. Try not to bend or pry the design as it will probably crack. If you are having trouble you can use the counter-edge technique. This enables you to pull more of the paper away from the edges of the design. The larger the image,  the longer this process will be.
I hope these tips will encourage you to try your hand at color flow icing designs!
Meanwhile I found a video on YouTube which shows you exactly how to do this.
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