Customer records and finding them quickly

Customer records and finding them quickly

My thoughts today are regarding customer records and how to locate these quickly and effortlessly when needed.


Let me tell you why I was reminded of this query.

Recently I was tasked with booking a local restaurant table for four. I had visited this establishment only once before.

It never occurred to me to wonder about their customer records either!

As soon I mentioned the name of the booking, the waiter told me my landline phone number (and I was ringing from a mobile). I thought – that is an impressive system. And also said, “Ah, yes, you visited us in….. February this year!

You could have knocked me over with a feather!  I have never had such efficient service from a restaurant and I was impressed.


But this little episode got me thinking…


As a cake decorator – I was wondering… how easy is it for you, to locate the customer’s information whilst they are on the phone to you?

And especially if they are returning to order more goods from you?

Could you impress them with your knowledge of their previous orders? Or would you be relying on your memory rather than a system to track your work?


The restaurant appreciated that we were returning customers. And they made us feel that they cared enough to keep a note of this fact. But I was impressed that they mentioned it too. This was certainly a good example of excellent customer service.

So my question to you is – could you do something more to keep your customer record safe? Have them differently/better/more organised/more stunning than they are currently?


It leads to impressed customers and an organised workplace too.

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