Disney Character Cakes and the Law

Disney Character Characters Can Be Dangerous Ground

Very often a young child wants a Disney Princess cake or a Toy Story themed birthday. Heck,  even some adults find themselves wich for these fantasy events – with weddings being one of the biggest revenue streams for Disneyland!

At one time or another as a professional cake decorator,  you may be asked to create a cake for one of these special occasions,  but be warned – this could land you in a LOT of hot water! As with the case of Disney characters,  these are copyrighted materials,  and violating copyright law can be expensive or even land you in jail. Take a look at the link below to find the proper procedure for creating cakes with favorite Disney characters.

Disney Consumer Products Procedure

Luckily,  these guidelines only apply to when you SELL your creations. If you want to create a Disney Princess cake for your little princess at no charge,  you will have no problems!

Other companies follow similar procedures and guidelines,  so before agreeing to create any cake with a well-known character or theme, be sure you get in contact with it’s creators first.

As part of Cake Coach Online’s upcoming Ask the Expert Series,  we will be asking a lawyer many of your most pressing business questions,  and you can be sure that this one will be right up there on our list! Click here to see how you can contribute your own questions for our experts.