Fun Friday – Icing Filled Center Cupcakes

Have lots of fun with flavor and hidden surprises when you add a tasty icing or jelly filling to your baked cupcakes for a filled center. Everyone will be surprised when they sink their teeth into this cupcake filled with their favorite flavor.  An easy, quick and great idea for parties too!

Filling the center of cupcakes or adding filling to a cake sporadically is easy when using the Bismarck Round Decorating Tip 230.


Tip: 230

Disposable Decorating Bags


Cupcakes or cake

Favorite icing or favorite filling


Step 1

Prepare a decorating bag with your icing filling and Round Decorating Tip 230; insert tip in top center of an uniced cupcake and squeeze out a small amount of filling. Or, use the Wilton Dessert Decorator, which includes a filling tip and an easy-to-control cylinder for adding just the right amount.



Step 2

Cut open your cupcake or take a bite and find a yummy surprise!

Courtesy of: Wilton