How to Host Baking Classes and Boost Profits

Take Advantage of the Baking Classes in Your Area

As many sugarcrafters know,  you do not have to go to a fancy school to make delicious treats. So many bakeries were started from the kitchen,  with little to no formal training and a simple love of sweets. Today,  a vast majority of future sugarcrafters are getting their “formal training” at libraries and craft shops,  where one-off or short series baking classes are hosted.

Even some schools have opted to host some baking classes with local “teachers”,  rather than spend the money to create an entirely new curriculum and hire the teachers for it.

This is great news on both ends – if you happen to be a sugarcrafter already making some money in the trade,  you can very easily expand your exposure just by signing up to teach at one of these classes. The forum is usually open to you,  so the topic,  recipe,  and everything else is only limited by your imagination! To start, ask craft shops, baking supply shops, and even libraries or schools if they have such classes available and what you would need to do to sign up as an instructor. You may be pleasantly surprised by how simple it can be.

Create Your Own Baking Classes

However, it is possible that you live in an area which doesn’t have classes like this anywhere nearby. If that is the case, then you have a prime opportunity to pioneer on yourself! Imagine not only being recognized as a baking instructor,  but as the founder of baking classes in your area! To start, you may need to go to the places mentioned above to ask them what they think of helping you create and host such classes. You could even work out deals for cheap or free supplies and ingredients needed to host the class(es.)

If none of the shops,  schools,  or libraries seem to relish the idea of baking classes,  then there is always one last place to try: your own kitchen! Consider getting a few friends or neighbors together for baking lessons in your own home. Invite 5 – 10 friends and ask them to invite one of their friends. While you may not be able to accommodate a hands on lesson for all, you CAN give a show and tell, and even select people now and then from the group to help throughout your baking process. Hand out creative recipe cards and small door gifts for the attendees – and don’t forget to include your business card!

Small acts like this may seem like they will only reach 10 – 20 new people at first,  but a time-tested truth in advertising is that word of mouth is the most effective way to bring in new and loyal customers!