Making your home bakery unique

Making your home bakery unique

As important as the beautiful decorated cakes you create is flavours and textures. Why not create a unique experience for your customers thereby making your home bakery unique.
Try different combinations of flavours and textures. This will set you aside from your competitors.
Once you choose cake decorating as a business you need something to make you unique. Why not design some signature flavours and unique cake recipes.
These are ultimately what will keep customers raving about you!
But with so many options and variations, it can be very difficult to choose what will blend well together.  But it is important to master this – thereby making your home bakery unique.
Here are some tips to help you think “outside the box”. Perhaps come up with some unique – and fantastic – cake and cupcake recipes!

4 Tips to make your home bakery unique

Tip #1 – Take Inspiration From Foods and Drinks You Love

From “beer and bacon” to “grandma’s apple pie”, cakes and cupcakes have taken on a whole new frontier. That is when it comes to taste.
Many of these popular (and odd) recipes have something in common. And that is they are derived from already loved foods and drinks.
You can tap into this area to find your own inspiration. Make a list of your top 3 favorite foods,  and a list of your top 3 favorite drinks to get started. Then test what flavours make up that dish or beverage. And you can begin to get ideas for new flavor combinations to try.

Tip #2 – Change Up the Classics for Unique Cake recipes

You can’t go wrong with a red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. Or a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache layers. And these are truly staple recipes for any cake business. But to begin standing out from the crowd, try experimenting with these classics. Add fresh or candied fruit to the ganache,  or try adding a hint of berry flavor to the cream cheese icing.
Starting with the basics and changing one or two things. This can help you come up with a whole list of new ideas for flavors.

Tip #3 – Remember that ‘Mouthfeel’ is Important

When developing a new cake recipe,  you want to be sure to vary the textures of the ingredients you use. This is important for several reasons.
First, it ensures a cake that won’t fall in on itself or melt. Second, it improves the customers experience as they eat is.
Pair a dense cake with fluffy whipped icing. Or a particularly “wet” cake filling with good-quality fondant. You can even test out ideas like adding candy bits to your cakes and icings for unexpected delight.

Tip #4 – Mix Ethnic Flavors for Unique Cake Recipes

The slightly-spicy Mexican chocolate can pair very well with another flavour. Why not try combining it with the super-sweet and rich fillings common in French desserts.
Find a balance between tart and sweet or saucy and mellow. Or even rich and tangy and you can come up with some wonderful desserts.
Luckily, you no longer have to travel the world in search of foreign recipes. Start a search on the web and begin a folder for all your ideas!
These tips should give you plenty of starting ideas for creating unique cake recipes. Remember to make small batches of your ideas first, give them to others to try for outside input. If one recipe doesn’t work right away, it is often easy to make a slight adjustment. Change the amounts of each ingredient to find that perfect harmony of flavor.
But persevere – it’ fun checking and tasting the results in any event.  But you will be farther along in making your home bakery unique!
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