Our 4 Favorite Holiday Cake Ideas!

The holiday season is well underway,  causing many of us sugarcrafters to run in a frenzy baking,  icing,  decorating,  and more. Some of you,  however,  may be pulling your hair out for interesting cake ideas.

Avoid giving Aunt Millie a replica of last year’s design. Here are our 5 favorite holiday cake ideas this season.

Cake Pops/Cake balls

Cake pops and cake balls are a very big hit this year,  and allow you to create several different holiday-themed cakes. They also provide a great opportunity for you to hand out samples of several cake flavors and pairings. As a bonus,  we recently posted a blog on how to make cake pops. They are easy to do and really quite fun! Cake balls are the same – but without the sticks.


Mini Present Cakes

Mini cakes are making a huge comeback this year. They create the perfect single-serving and can be decorated in several ways. You might consider decorating them to look like several different presents for an extra festive flair. Again, you can easily make several cake flavors and show off your decorating skill sin a variety of ways. These wonderful little cakes will make a great party favor!


Christmas Colors Checkerboard Cake

A checkerboard cake is always fun to make and receive. For those who have never cut into one,  it can be a very fun surprise! Instead of the classic vanilla-chocolate pair for a checkerboard cake, consider using white, red, and green cake. These can all be vanilla cake with food coloring, and the design is very pretty when you slice the cake.


Winter Wonderland Cake

If you’re in need of a winter cake that doesn’t necessarily center on a particular holiday, consider including a few “winter elements in your cake toppers or decorations. Add winter flowers, pine cones, glitter, and ever a dusting of shimmery luster dust to give the cake a “frosty” feel.  There are plenty of ideas to fraw from nature for a winter-inspired cake that doesn’t lean on any holiday.