Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen?

Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen?

A big discussion blew up in a cake decorators forum.

The question was..

‘Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen.  Then defrost it and then decorate it?’

This is fine for home use – but what if this is a customer’s order and they are paying for your service?

There was a mixture of opinions. And some were getting quite heated.

So for the question – ‘Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen?’  Some people said – ‘Sure, why not?’

Others said ‘It actually enhances the flavour I find.’


And for the No’s…

Others were in the other camp. ‘Surely not?’

‘You could not class this as a freshly baked cake – once it has been frozen’.

‘It is just not the done thing’.

‘If you freeze a cake – you have to tell your customer in case they wish to freeze the left overs.

‘You cannot re-freeze cake once it has been frozen’.

‘Fresh is fresh’ ‘You bake on day 1, crumb coat day 2, and decorate day 3’.

‘You cannot call your cake fresh if you make it and freeze it’

‘It feels like cheating – not fresh at all’.


Others were saying it matters not a jot. Customers are not troubled by buying a cake that was previously frozen before decorating.

So how was the argument resolved?

To the question of ‘Should I sell a cake that’s been frozen?’

It wasn’t….People were divided.

People thought that if freezing any part of the order was involved that the customer should be told. It was only fair.

Some customers would not care. Some customers would and go elsewhere if a pre frozen cake was the only option on offer.

But at least they agreed on one thing and that was honesty was the best policy.

What do you do if you have a lot of bookings in one week and not enough time to bake them all?

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