What the Heck is Powdered Sugar?! Common Baking Terms Translated

Do you need a translator just to talk to your customers?It is sometimes fun to speak with an associate or possible client overseas. Very often you find yourselves talking in code about the same topic! For example,  common terms in the UK sound absolutely mad to Americans,  while many of their terms leave those in the UK looking very confused. For a bit of fun,  here are some of the most common baking term translations!


corn flour
cling film
double cream
single cream
icing sugar
Cake Tin
cracker or cookie
corn starch
plastic wrap
heavy cream
light cream
maize cornmeal or bread flour
Powdered sugar
golden raisins
Cake Pan
Frosting Tip


While this is a fun list to show some of the differences, it is very important to make sure you are absolutely clear when speaking to clients about what they want. One of my mistakes listed in my free report:  Recipes for Disaster demonstrates exactly what can happen when you and the client walk away from a consultation with different views of what to expect!