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Cake Business Ideas – Grandma’s baking

You perhaps have seen via my recent posting.  The sudden and totally unexpected loss of my mum – who encouraged me, believed in me, and gave me a mass of help when the chips were down.  My background is – I became a single mum when I decided to divorce my husband when the…

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Getting paid for cakes

Getting paid for cakes   When getting paid for cakes – do you get paid the balance immediately? Did you ask for a deposit first?   One of the biggest questions I get is “How and when do I ask for money for my cake?”   What if a customer cancels – do I get…

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Testimonials for your Cakes

Testimonials for your cakes   A strategy that is not used as often as it could be is asking for testimonials for your cakes.   Why is this ignored? Are we too busy in our day? Are we too embarrassed to ask a delighted customer to pen a few words to that effect?   But…

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