How do I register a home bakery?

How do I register a home bakery? If you are starting out and in the UK – read on…   Anyone beginning a cake decorating business or a home bakery has one question on their mind.  And that is how do I register a home bakery?  If they are resident in UK they have one…

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Starting a cake business

Starting a cake business and applying mindfulness How do cake decorators need to apply mindfulness when starting a cake business? I was inspired by Paul Lemberg’s post on Mindfulness in Simple Action. I was struck with the following thought. How is mindfulness applied by the cake decorators?  There are several ways to do this. And…

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Is a Cake Calculator App to price cakes essential?

Is a cake calculator app essential? You may have already started looking for a cake calculator app being aware that pricing is important. Some of you may not even realise that such a thing exists or is even necessary. Some cake decorators know they need to start by pricing their ingredients. Others are just guessing.…

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