Success is all about mindset

Success is all about mindset

When coping with less than favourable conditions – success is all about mindset.

When I was away for a short break recently, this is a thought that struck me.   

And that counts for either business or life too.

Let me explain…

We love narrow boating. Its a thing in the UK. We have miles of beautiful canals to explore and we go boating regularly.
We weren’t even sure if we would be going due to Government restrictions. But two days before leaving we could see that there was no shut down looming.
But honestly – the weather was atrocious. It rained, rained and rained more.
But as I explained to someone who enquired about our holiday. It was great. They were puzzled that I could be so upbeat about it.


What would it have taken to make our break a success then?

Because unlike a lot of people, we were lucky enough to even get a break. We had a lot of challenges recently to navigate. We just wanted to escape for a while.
Besides we love to moor up in the middle of nowhere with only cows and sheep for company and crank up the music.
Add to that the toasty wood burning stove and a saucepan of something tasty bubbling away on the stove. Plus a glass of something to drink. A few programmes downloaded to watch too. And it can rain all it likes.
There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing.

And that is how we view it.

But a fair few people would have come back disappointed with the weather. Moaning and groaning. Saying their break had been ruined.
And as far as the holiday was concerned – success was all about mindset!

And we need to keep a positive mindset in life and in business too.

It would have been so easy to get cross. After all with so many cancellations in one year – the least we might have got was good weather when we escaped.
When we talk of positive mindset (or rather lack of it) – I am getting some people email me and telling me they want our help.
But are frustrated because they cannot afford to pay.
My response to people who remain stuck with this mindset – is to shift into a more positive gear. The new question is ‘How can I……’ and when you ask a better quality question, the answers start to arrive.
I get frustrated on the behalf of others.
I have been in less than favourable situation. 
When my kids were little I found myself in a position of single mum with 2 kids under 5. No money coming in from their father. Being that I was on my own and I could not even afford school shoes. I made cakes and sold them to get a better quality of life for us all.
And I did.
And we did get ourselves out of the mess too.
But only because I opened my mind to the help that was available. And took action. I truly immersed myself in personal development strategies which helped.
I am grateful for the learnings and being able to pass these along to my children and others too.
A positive mindset – is essential to move forward happily in both life and business too.
Protect your mindset at all costs and keep an open mind to learning new things and opportunities too.
Remember that success is all about mindset too.
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