Making more money from cakes

Making more money from cakes

In Spring 2022 – we opened up the doors to our Cupcake Party HQ – a new membership and a way to start making more money from cakes.
This membership helps cake decorators frustrated with the ebb and flow of custom cake orders. It assists them in predicting their earnings easier by running Cupcake Parties. They sell a flat rate ticket to their guests and multiply their hourly earning rate by guiding one to many. This is instead of having one celebration cake to make for one customer. And invariably the bespoke cake order is at a time which interferes with a cake decorator’s life. Another evening – not spent with loved ones, because of a deadline.
Running a Cupcake Party business – allows an acceleration of income. If one customer’s bespoke cake takes 5 hours – you can earn way more for one party. You will have some preparation beforehand. But earning money in a sociable environment whilst having fun – beats the alternative.

Struggling to fulfil cake orders at midnight?

And perhaps it is you too who struggles to fulfil orders at midnight. So many cake decorators have said to me – they are tired of earning so little. And having not much to show for their talents.
So I decided to see what else could these skills be used for. And running locally based Cupcakes Parties came up as an opportunity.  So many cake decorators just want to start making more money from cakes.  
So many cake decorators are telling me they a fearful of an empty order book. They are stressing about ingredients prices increasing. And worried about customers rejecting higher prices for their orders. Something needed to be done.

What’s inside Cupcake Party HQ?

Inside Cupcake Party HQ – I run through exactly what you need to do. So if you want to start, run and grow an extra arm in your cake decorating business, you are in the right place.
You will discover how to price tickets, how to invite guests, find venues and hostesses. There are monthly bonus invitation flyers available to give to guests. There is a unique Success Map to follow too. We recognise that your time is precious. Having our map of milestones saves you time, discovering what you need to do next.
The doors to Cupcake Party HQ are currently closed – and only open periodically. We like to be able to concentrate on helping our current members with their businesses.
You are welcome to add yourself to our waitlist – and keep an eye on your email inbox. We tell all the people on the waitlist when we are opening again. So we give them an opportunity to jump on board before the general public.
Plus by being on the waitlist – you will receive updates on what is happening behind the doors of the membership. This gives you a better understanding of what to expect if/when you join.  And it will be especially helpful if you are a cake decorator hoping to be making more money from cakes.  
Looking forward to inviting you into Cupcake Party HQ – if you would like to join us – you would be very welcome.
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