Customers for Cakes – How do they find you again?

One simple way to get customers for cakes to return and order again?

Have you ever wondered about ways to get your customers for cakes to return once more to you?
Something happened this week that got me thinking – and I wanted to share the thought with you too.
We had a visit from a locksmith because a lock needed replacing at our home.
When he left – I asked my partner ‘Where is the paperwork?’
He replied ‘There was none’.

This fact astonished me.

Not even a business card, nor a leaflet, let alone an invoice showing that we had paid and what we had purchased.
The locksmith would find it difficult to prove his earning, without a current invoice. Plus he would struggle to keep up with his customer records.

So my question is this…

How will I know how to contact this locksmith ever again?
He needed to make it easy for me to locate him again or even have his name on record, so perhaps I could recommend him to a friend.

So I was wondering…

As a cake decorator with a desire for a larger customer base…what are YOU doing to make it easy for your customers to contact you once more?
What could you do that would help them?
Just a thought,
Post updated July 18th 2019



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