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  • Pretty Cupcakes!! #howtobeagirl :-))))
  • I love this magazine from Britain.  The subscription is a bit pricey but it is worth the inspiration.  Cake Craft & Decoration – August 2014, issue 189
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  • Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine is the world’s leading monthly cake decorating magazine that celebrates personalisation and creativity. Dedicated to bringing you exciting new ideas, as well as top trends in the colourful world of cake decorating, this is the perfect subscription for any talented baker looking to step up their game. #baking #cake #decoration #cooking #food #sugarcraft #magazine #magazinecover
  • Learn how to make simple, yet professional-looking cakes at home! This series is perfect for beginners, and teaches you all the skills you need to take your homemade cakes to the next level. You don't have to be a professional to use these cake decorating tips and tricks, but after showing everyone what you can do, friends will be paying YOU to make all their birthday goodies!
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  • Free Shipping. Buy 3pcs Sphere Ball Tips Icing Piping Nozzles Tips Pastry Cake Cupcake Decorations at
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  • Cake Decorating Organizer Trays.: My wife bakes and decorates cakes, and she has a ridiculous amount of tools, tips, cutters, pans, bags and other supplies, and they're always disorganized. It drives me crazy. (If you live with a cake decorator, can I get a "testify!"?) One day, w...
  • Le coccolose di Miriam. When I first glanced down at these cookies I thought I was seeing some expensive jewelry edged in gold. Unbelievable decorations!!
  • How do customers find your cake business again?  #cakebusiness #cakecoachonline