Feedback on social media for cakes


I sometimes see some poor distraught cake decorator posting in a group. She was asking for feedback on social media for cakes. Her customer has said xyz.
She was asking a group of supportive people on Facebook. They know exactly what it is like to have disgruntled customers. Mostly they are supportive and understanding. They know for sure that it could be them posting about a misdemeanour.
But what if the customer posts on your own Facebook Page or Instagram feed? Its great if their words are of gratitude and thanks.
But what if they decide to let rip on social media.


What do you do?

Especially if you feel the comment unjustified?
How about always ensuring that you have a mobile number for these customers? That way, you don’t need to communicate on social media, even if it is in private. It is so much easier to iron out a disagreement with a verbal conversation.
But the only reason a customer feels let down is when her order fails to meet her expectations. The consultation should be done properly in the first place. If it is, this failure to please a customer is a much rarer occurrence.
I saw recently a decorator complaining. She had sent out paperwork to her enquirers – and heard nothing back.
She was assuming therefore that she had not got the orders. And wasn’t about to start baking without deposits.
She was just waiting for the rant on social media from the customers who she felt she had let down.
If she had a proper ordering system in place, the customers would know the ropes for sure. They would understand the businesses rules and not expect their unpaid order. Neither would there be a fear of receiving a rant from a disgruntled customer on social media.
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