Sharp edges on a fondant cake needed?

Here is how!

If you have ever wondered how to get totally sharp edges on a fondant cake – then look no further.


I was looking around for some interesting craft tips to share with you – and have found a lot of interesting techniques.  Some are on YouTube and others are blogs in written format with pictures.

But I came across this tutorial.

Sometimes you just want a nice crisp edge to a fondant cake.  Previously this was only achievable with a Royal Iced cake and very arduous it was too.  Layer upon layer of icing…but you did get a nice crisp edge.

The owner of That Little Cake Boutique has developed a way to get a crisp edge – which you may find interesting.


Great tutorial from That Little Cake Boutique

The tutorial makes it look easy – provided you don’t drop the cake when turning it upside down.


Thanks to That Little Cake Boutique for sharing their knowledge.



Here is the link to the tutorial that I found               CLICK HERE

PS  Great Facebook page too!    Here is the link      CLICK HERE



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