How to expand your cake decorating income using less time

How to expand your cake decorating income using less time

For several months, I’ve been thinking about the results of an ongoing questionnaire. This was because I asked our cake decorators in my free Abundant Bakers & Cakers group on Facebook. I needed to know what were some things that they really struggled with.  Some were fed up with getting paid peanuts for their work.    
And as well there was a huge outpouring of things like –
Charging too little or being criticized on price and design is painful. Dealing with fussy, bartering customers is never nice. Work/life balance being affected. Having confusing deadlines, too many orders or not enough were some others. Never being able to predict an income… resulting in financial chaos constantly. Getting paid what feels like hobby money whilst running a business.
And I have a much much longer list than this too. In fact, over 400 passionate responses.
What if these challenges could be eradicated. What if you could operate a fun extra arm to your baking business? Is that even possible?

So, I gave this some thought

and came up with an enjoyable solution.
What if there was a way to…
· Craft an element of a cake business that was great fun
· Expand your income, work fewer hours, while all the time working for many customers
· Be in total control of your diary, work when you choose and even schedule time off.
· Get guidance, encouragement, confidence and advice on all things business-related. Whilst ensuring that this segment of your cake business was successful
· Turn a hobby of baking into a sensible money-making business

Introducing Cupcake Party HQ.

A membership for cake decorators that is different from all the others!  And a way to expand your cake decorating income while using less time
There are a lot of people who love socialising with friends. These people would also like something to do, more than just sitting chatting. They would love to know the basics of piping pretty cupcakes, which they can take home for their family. These people are not cake decorators selling their own cakes and never intend to either. They just want a fun evening out with a focus on learning cupcake decorations. (And some nibbles and drinks added in by their hostess). All that they lack is someone to help in that session and give them guidance on how to bake and pipe. Even better, they don’t even have to switch on the oven or mixer to make the buttercream.
The Cupcake Party Designer finds one hostess to host a party. The hostess then invites her friends. But only as many as her table space will allow. The guests pay the party designer directly for their ticket so it’s known how many to cater for. You keep the hostess informed of places booked in. The hostess pays nothing as a thank you for hosting – but supplies nibbles and drinks.
The Cupcake Party Designer will provide undecorated cupcakes x 6 for each of the guests. These are placed in a box that the guests take home. They supply enough buttercream. Plus lend each guest some equipment and colours for the night. The Party Designers will also show the guests what to do and how to do it, answering any queries.
The Party Designers will also need extra expert help too. This is where the support from Cupcake Party HQ comes in. And where they can discover exactly how to run a Cupcake Party Business.

Discover how to run a Cupcake Party Business

  • What to say to secure a booking
  • How to easily get new customers to book,
  • Learn to price tickets and run a party and what to teach.
  • What equipment is required
  • Getting more bookings on autopilot
  • Discovering how to get guests to happily advertise your parties
  • Accepting payments
  • And much, much more
I asked a few people if they thought that this was a good idea. I had potential guests and hosts clamouring asking if they could book a party as it sounded like such fun.

My current vision for CupCake Party HQ membership is

  • A community where discussions, support and guidance can happen.
  • One monthly business/marketing session to guide you. Dealing with social media, pricing tickets, finding customers and more.
  • Group coaching call monthly. A place to discuss your wins, your challenges and seek out solutions.
  • Discounts to UK warehouses – to make more profit when running your business. We have 3 large UK warehouses on board so far.
  • Ideas for lessons to craft a great session.
  • Marketing graphics and order forms which you can print out yourself. Invitations/thank you cards and other graphics – to save you time.
  • Bonus – Cake Calculator to price your Cupcake Parties
  • Bonus – CupCake Party Ticket Calculator – to predict your earnings

One thing I am clear on

I cannot do this alone and I would love some ideas from others.
In the past, I have run many parties as a representative as well as a host. These parties have been with Tupperware and Artistry Colour make-up parties. I have hosted many Pampered Chef parties, candle parties, jewellery and more. In short, I have 30 years of knowledge of running plus hosting fun evenings for party guests.
I am also a qualified business coach. Besides being a sugar crafter and PTTLS adult teacher qualified (both City & Guilds). So with a combination of all my knowledge, skills and experience, you will be in safe hands.
Cupcake Parties will be such great fun and have great potential payment for your work. You can get your name out as a cake decorator of choice to all the guests. This allows you to make potential future sales for celebration cakes if you wish to. And Cupcake Party HQ is here to support you too.

 And that is why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you.

I want you to be part of this – especially if you’re willing to help me shape this idea.
Joining me now as a founding member means you can get a very favourable “founding member” price. We would love your help with some positive ideas. And guidance on how we can make this the best place to support members of Cupcake Party HQ,
When this is offered to the general public, I expect the starting price for this to be much higher. It will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of GBP £35 (inc vat) or USD $35. Even at the higher price later this year will be a no brainer. If you consider we can help people earn at least £200 / $200 running just one party per month. Imagine having the diary space to run more parties a month, with a bigger guest list. The income has real potential. Imagine utilising an underused restaurant if you could use their larger space. The possibilities are endless.
From hen dos, the girlie nights out, children’s parties, clubs, churches and the list goes on…


Here is the best part though…

Join me as a founding member and your price will be GBP £25 (inc vat) or USD $25. You will be locked into that ‘money saving’ founder member price for as long as you remain a member in good standing.
Even when we do roll this out to the general public the price will be higher – but you will be saving money every month.
As I said – all the details are not figured out yet and nothing is in place. And I expect the best ideas will come from the people who join as founding members.
My goal is to officially launch this in July 2022
So between then and now, I expect things to be busy with ideas. Suggestions flowing fast and furious between the founder members
So, it all begins here today.
Join me and become a founding member.
I would love it if you did.
But first things first…
I need to know that people would love to be involved.

Click on the link below to add your name to the waitlist.

This will let me know if you are interested. Check your email for an acknowledgement from us – and confirm your email address. Then in a few days, we will be able to send you your discount code and links to pay. Then you will be able to grab your place and secure our lowest possible price.
Once you are signed up and paid, you will also receive a link to join our exclusive FB community. This is where all the fun happens and where we can get started.
Here is to your success and here is to the success of Cupcake Party HQ too.
I am searching for just 20 passionate cake decorators. Bakers with an open mind to see the possibility of this opportunity.
If this is you and you would like to become a part of Cupcake Party HQ – let me know by clicking on the link below.
I have not yet got anything planned out, as wanted to run it past you.
Hoping you like my idea and would love to be involved.