How to make chocolate ganache easily

After requests from our Cake Decorating community to share some craft tips on my blog – here we are.
How to make chocolate ganache easily in the microwave.

This YouTube video shows an easy way of making this tasty cake filling/covering.

This is a mixture of chocolate and cream and used for filling and covering cakes. Totally delicious.
It is from Inspired by Michelle – from Australia. She shows in her video how to make chocolate ganache.   Although it is made a while ago, the content is totally relevant still.  And who doesn’t love a tip which saves time and guarantees success.   And in only a total of 5 minutes cooking time and a bit of stirring.
The video is 10 minutes long and explains the quantities she uses and the best practices too.
Michelle explains why NOT to use a wooden spoon ever…when stirring chocolate. It is way better to use a plastic or rubber spatula.
But having a simple way to make chocolate ganache without cooking it over the stove, is a great resource.
Just don’t overheat it – or there will be consequences and Michelle will explain what.
Happy watching!

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