Can You Get Cake Orders Where You Live?

Can You Get Cake Orders Where You Live?

“I would like to begin decorating cakes/selling sweets in my small town. But am not sure if there is enough population/demand to make a profit. What can I do?”
This is a very common question for new sugarcrafters. It is definitely thinking in the right direction!  So the question is can you get Cake Orders where you live?

It is very important to at least do a simple business plan.

This includes a rough guide to decide the possible money you could expect to make.
But what do you do if the numbers just don’t come out in your favour?
Here are a couple of options – as well as the pros and cons of each.

1. Start your business anyway in the hopes of “scaling” it up to profitability.

This means you can get started doing what you love right away,  but it is very risky.
Even if you are confident that those in your community will love your creations. And spread the word too,  there are no guarantees.
Will the people they tell  travel out of their way to do business with you? Especially if they have a sugarcrafter operating closer to them!

2. Move your business to a larger community.

This may mean moving altogether. This isn’t very plausible for most – or opening a small shop in a nearby city.
Setting up shop in the nearby larger city will definitely give you some benefits. You will be seen as a professional more readily. A larger customer base will be more accessible to you and you will be able to scale up more quickly if necessary.

It also comes with some downsides.

Lots of paperwork to properly establish your business. It could mean a larger startup investment and higher overhead costs.
The initial spend and overhead costs means you will have to charge higher prices. But people living in larger cities are usually accustomed to paying higher prices.
There are certain things that any sugarcrafter should have. Anyone looking to create or build up their business these are necessary.
They should have a website and social media accounts. This increases your possible customer base no matter where you happen to live.


Problems sometimes arise with getting products to your customers.

But this is also fairly easy to overcome.

So in answer to ‘Can you get cake orders where you live?’ is


Map out a delivery area

Perhaps if you are a little more flexible. 
One example includes drawing a circle around a map. Make a limit of miles that you are willing to travel. 
Maybe the circle represents 10 or 20 miles in any direction around where you live. Once the area is established you agree to deliver products anywhere within this.

Doesn’t this increase costs?

Again, it will increase your costs slightly. But you can always charge extra for delivery and time.
And this offers a level of convenience and great service that people are more than happy to pay for.
A basic plan is essential for starting or scaling a business to new heights. But you should not base your decision entirely on what this plan initially tells you.
What if you draw up a business plan and the numbers do not come out in your favour?  Then it is time to try some different numbers!
Think outside the box to increase your customer base and profit.
If sugarcrafting is where your passion lies,  then there is NO reason you shouldn’t pursue it!
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