Pricing Cakes CAN be a nightmare! Why not learn just How to Price Cakes?

Do you know how to price cakes simply?

This is one of the questions asked most frequently by our cake decorating community.

The answer from me is of course ‘Yes’.

So I considered the challenge and…

designed the Cake Calculator – which helps enormously with this …  the task of cake pricing.  

So if you have not discovered exactly how it works or what it could do for you do

check out the link below

Help is available – you just have to click the link above!

We have been helping cake decorators across the world price cakes. 

Plus we have had some great feedback from our customers too.

Here is what just four of our thousands of purchasers have said:-

Ify Nwanah – Nigeria
Am happy I purchased the Cake Calculator. It has helped me to weigh my ingredients and give a reasonable cake price to my clients.  It is an amazing cake calculator.

Michele Potts – South Africa
The cake calculator –  it works like a dream

Latty Loush
This is amazing, I’ve used a few others and CakeCoach is by far the best.  No longer losing out when I’m asked for a quote.

Erica Lu
This Cake Calculator is brilliant

So it would appear that just some of our happy customers have really used my Cake Pricing tool to learn successfully how to price cakes

So just how does it work?

Consider that you have a favourite recipe and this recipe is exactly the right quantity for the size of cake that you wish to bake.  You disappear off shopping and come back with ingredients from the store and a ticket from the till for all your purchases.  Now the question arrives – where do I start with how to price cakes?

Indeed with paper and pencil this could be a long and arduous job – as you have to find the price of each ingredient and then calculate the value and price for your recipe.  It can be done the ‘old fashioned’ way – but who would waste the time, when there are simpler methods out there.

The CakeCoachOnline Cake Calculator simply takes a nightmare task and turns it into a very simple one.   Our customers are left with no queries about cake pricing.  The costs are worked out for them, simply, easily and effectively.

In fact a teacher wrote a blog about it a while ago.

Here is the link if you want to check it out.

So if you have ever wondered just how to price cakes – the solution is here – waiting for you!


PS  –  Currently sold to cake decorators into 45 countries worldwide!

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