The Cake Circle

The Cake Circle

Exciting news for both hobby bakers and cake decorators looking for help.

CakeCoachOnline has the advice and guidance you need.

Looking to start or build your home bakery or cake decorating business?

Discover our Cake Circle Membership and all that this offers.    Doors open a handful of times per year.

Cake Pricing Calculator

  • Downloadable product
  • One off purchase
  • No on-going charge
  • Simple to use
  • Save time and money
  • Downloadable to PC/iPad/tablet
  • Build a library of cake design costs
  • Works in any decimal currency
  • Work in grams/ounces
  • Pricing clarity

Cake Baker’s Tool Kit

  • Digital products: 7
  • Includes:
    • Cake Pricing Calculator – standard version,
    • How to Price Cakes,
    • E Order Form,
    • 117 Tips booklet,
    • PLUS 15 Secrets to Getting More Cake Orders,
    • Pricing Cakes & Charging Hourly,
    • How to Find New Customers – 34 Ways

Customer Order Pad

  • Physical product posted to UK
  • Two sizes available
  • Single or triple pack
  • Customize – add stamp/business card/no.
  • Record your orders in duplicate
  • Copies are white/pink
  • Give customers a copy/retain a record
  • A great tool for professional decorators

Cash For Cakes

  • Discover the 8 Step System that successful cake decorators use
  • How to price cakes correctly every time including ingredients, estimating time/pricing it
  • 116 ways to find new customers
  • Key skills to running a successful business
  • And much more

E Order Form

  • Downloadable
  • One off purchase
  • Track customer details/orders
  • Email/print out/or save file
  • Cake costs added   + deposit/balance calculated
  • Record dates, money due, delivery & special details
  • Space for customer signature
  • Add own bank details

Cake Pricing Guide

FREE GUIDE! Discover 10 Ways a Cake Can Be Priced in Our Cake Pricing Guide

(And you had better not be using number 10!)