Selling Cakes

From hobby to cake business!

My thoughts this week are around selling cake or even multiples of cakes!  I am sure that there are new small business owners out there who might have just been thrust into a ‘business’ by someone asking ‘How much would you charge for that?’  And so a business – exchanging money for a product has begun.

But you know –

so many people are nervous to actually sell their products – they enjoyed it, it was a hobby.  But this is about turning your cake hobby into a cake business – and actually getting rewarded for your skills.

I was fortunate over the years that I got involved with a couple of home based selling businesses in my spare time, which taught me selling techniques. These learnings ensured that any potential customer felt at home speaking with me and I learnt ways to ensure that the customer was happy and ordered their products from me.

As a result,

when running my business, I felt confident with making the sale and getting the orders.

But I was lucky with my previous background…

So my thought today – is how relaxed and happy are you when dealing with a stranger and talking about prices?

Any discussion around money, handling potential No’s, plus adjusting designs to eliminate objections right up to the point of ordering is an essential skill to know when making and selling cakes.

But it’s a skill that most don’t know and strangely people don’t realise that these skills would be advantageous to discover either! Therefore they have not searched for the missing skills and continue to struggle with the fear of selling and asking for money!

But you are in the right place.

Keep an eye on my blog and keep in touch.  We have lots of solutions for you coming up.

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