How to Sell Cakes

How to sell cakes

And can your cake customers find you?

I sometimes come across cake decorators who bemoan they just don’t know how to sell cakes.  They have to face the  fact they have to few or no orders.

The ‘How to sell cakes and can your cake customers find you? ‘ question seems to be passing them by.

They wait passively hoping for a call. I ask them what they are doing to remedy this situation.
For instance giving people an easy way to locate them again.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate my point.

This illustrates a way to make it easier to find customers and how to sell cakes too.
Recently I had a strange conversation with a mobile fish salesman.  He had knocked on my door in the hope of trying to interest me in his wares. 
I wasn’t interested in purchasing a very large amount of frozen fish today because we don’t eat enough. But because I knew of others who could be interested in doorstep delivery I asked him a question.
I asked for either a leaflet, a price list or even a business card.
He told me that he had nothing to give me – because printing stationery cost too much!
Well – knock me down with a feather. Seriously?????

As you can imagine – I was completely astounded! 

Here was a man trooping around the streets randomly cold calling. Upon finding someone who asked for his details, he refused to give them out! 
You either had to buy a large amount of fish to get onto his customer data base or he drove away. 
He had not even put together a smaller discounted starter box of mixed fish.
A way to entice someone to become a regular customer.

So what could we learn from our non entrepreneurial Frozen Fish Salesman today? 

If someone asks for your details in a card or a leaflet, it is a good sign that they are interested in what you are selling.
Maybe not right now, but at some point in the future.  
Besides this error, the salesman made no note of my name, address, email address, or phone number. 
The cheapest way to get some information to me would have been to email me a copy of a virtual price list. 
A digital copy – so that I could have shared it with the people I thought may be interested.
At least I would have felt they cared enough about a potential customer.

So – my question is – what do you have to leave with any interested party?

How are your stocks of stationery? 
Do you leave details of your services each time you deliver? 
If someone shows an interest in your products – what is it that you do now and what could you do better in future? 
Just a thought!
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