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Cake Business – How safe are your cake pictures?

What do you do if your cake pictures are at risk on an aging computer? Just this last week a friend of mine had her computer ‘blow up’. Not literally. It just died…  . But she was panicking of course, because of all the treasures and work that her computer held. I was wondering therefore…

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Cake decorating business? Is a website important?

A recent conversation with a bride to be started me thinking. The young lady said to me, “Do you know I have searched high and low on the internet at potential cake decorators in a particular area of the country, but I have found very little to whet my appetite for a wedding cake.” I…

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Cake Business Ideas – The Frozen Fish Salesman

Today I had a strange conversation with a mobile fish salesman.  He had knocked on my door in the hope of trying to interest me in his wares.  Whilst I wasn’t interested in purchasing a very large amount of frozen fish today – priced at nearly £50 (due to lack of freezer storage space) I…

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