Fresh flowers on cakes

Adding fresh flowers on cakes

Today I spotted a spat on social media.  It involved adding fresh flowers on cakes.
A baker had made a two-tier wedding cake and included gypsophila or baby’s breath in the decoration.
There was a lot of mumbling, I bet she’s not registered or insured. She must be just a hobby baker.  That aside.

Gyp is poisonous. And should not be used on cakes.

Some people were asking could the stems be wrapped in floristry tape and a posy pick used?
But sadly it’s the flowers that are poisonous. If sap drops onto cake it will get eaten. And you cannot use poisonous flowers on a cake of any kind.
This flower causes eye irritation and breathing problems. Not good for adding to edible art.
In short, adding fresh flowers on cakes as a design strategy needs to be used with caution and know what you are doing.

Only a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

That’s the thing with a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Not knowing about poisonous flowers. Or how to deal with food labels and Allergens and just guessing instead, could land you in hot water.
That is why we set up The Cake Circle. A monthly resource for the Cake decorators setting up in business or even continuing.

Get the expert help you need

We have monthly guest experts visiting the group.
We have had branding, Canva graphics and money expert already recorded and available. Coming up we have lots of experts. Social media, Allergens, website, legal stuff, and Pinterest. We also have work-life balance, a Colour expert. Also attending is a cookie business online owner. As well as an expert in selling with confidence. And the experts keep on offering to come and help The Cake Circle.

Craft help too

We have two expert craft sessions Live monthly too. This makes the refreshing change from the perfectly edited videos. These have zero experts to help with your questions. Watch live and get your questions answered too.

Business coach to chat with

We have Coffee with me. Tell me what you’ve been up to or stuck with and I will help you in your way.
I’m a qualified life and business coach. Along with City and Guilds cake decorating certificate by the way. I used to organize interior designers and their money for a living. Cake design is a different medium, principals are all the same. Add into the mix studying art, flower arranging. Calligraphy and pottery, quilting. You can see why I combined all my interests together and started CakeCoachOnline.
I pop into membership with mindset live streams occasionally. I’m all about a positive mindset and law of attraction and goal setting.

Friends to connect with

There is support from the community.

plus warehouse discounts for members too.


Personal craft tuition sessions are available

You can book in with our Craft Tutors. These are at preferential members reduced rates. So anything baking and cake decorating.

Add to all the juiciness above plus we’ve done something mad.

We’ve taken Cash for Cakes our flagship programme.   This is for sale on the website for USD $497 or GBP £365
We are giving access to this course to all Cake Circle members for free.

Cash for Cakes flagship course – for FREE!

 Am I mad? Probably a little.
Now provided you stay a member in good standing – you can access all the modules of this unique course.
And if you ever wrote to me saying you would love to be a part of Cash for Cakes …but it’s thus far been out of your price range, now is your chance.
In essence, you can carry on asking on social media for advice and help… cobbling the answers together that may or may not be right…or come to the Cake Circle. Filled with experts in their field, qualified and ready to answer all your questions.
Don’t be like our hobby baker selling poisonous cakes. It could land her in a lot of hot water.
Come and join us. The doors open on Monday 23rd May for registration.  And we only are open a handful of times per year.
If you are reading this blog after doors closed – don’t be sad – add yourself to the waitlist by clicking on the link below. We will inform you when we re-open.
If you would like to read more of our blogs