I have a lack of cake orders

I have a lack of cake orders

I have just received a communication from someone on my email list. The gist of what was said – is thank you for your offer of help. But I cannot justify the spend on classes to help me, as I have have a lack of cake orders coming up in my bakery business.
So where do I start with this comment?
This person is clearly struggling.
She has no orders coming up when others are awash with inquiries.  What could she be doing wrong?
I have a lack of cake orders is not a sentence that is being uttered by a lot of the home bakers and decorators at the moment.
Now I know of people who have had their busiest year ever. Even in the current climate. I have spoken with two in the past three days. One has increased her prices by 10% to stem the flood of customers. The other has staff asking her to stop contacting her customers. They cannot cope with any more orders.
And I have unpicked what they have done and are still doing. And those are exactly the secrets that are within my membership. Help that has support and guidance all the way.

So which comes first – the chicken or the egg?

Do you invest in classes/membership to find out what to do better and earn the money to pay for the guidance?
Or do you sit – with an empty purse, saying I cannot afford any help so therefore I am stuck? And then nothing at all happens.
Which is better. Staying stuck and not knowing how to get unstuck?
Or take the opportunity and learn what to do to move forward?

Taking the opportunity

My question is – imagine if you had a friend in this situation. Stuck, and without work – and an offer of help, for not a huge investment came along. Would you tell them

Option A.

“At least try and see if the help could make a difference to their life. ” (With the knowledge of a refund being available)


Option B.

Would you tell them – “No you are absolutely right? You have zero spare funds right now. Just stay put and hope that some orders turn up soon – somehow. And give up any ideas of getting the help that you have to invest in – with a refund if you are unhappy.”  Leaving them still muttering I have a lack of cake orders.
I am not sure that a good friend would recommend Option B
For any talented baker and cake decorator out there – with a good business head on their shoulders, it really is possible to make good money from cake decorating.  You just have to know how to run a business and where to focus.  But it is not possible to learn if you just remain stuck…..sadly.
If you really would like to get unstuck and find out how to get orders – have a look at our new Cake Circle Membership.
Doors only open a couple of times per year.
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