My cake is too expensive

My cake is too expensive

Here is a situation I read about on social media to get you thinking perhaps and contains the usual complaint “My cake is too expensive”.

So the story goes…

A friend of a cake decorator was asking for a geode cake to feed 21 people. 

The decorator made an estimate for 25 people for £85.  

The response came back via a message and said “that’s too expensive.  And I only want 21 slices.   Let’s discuss Saturday’.

The decorator was asking on social media what should she reply.

A lot of people in the Facebook group just said…”tell the customer that’s the price”.   

Others suggested removing some of the details so it was quicker to make and therefore could be priced cheaper.


My response was…

To actually explain better to the potential customer exactly what the deal could be on feeding 21 people.

My reply would be…”Let’s discuss on Saturday.”



At the end of the day, it is easier to explain in a conversation rather than message service your response too. 

I would explain something along the lines of…

“There are simpler and quicker ways to make pretty designs to choose from. But just think that if you went into Starbucks and bought a slice of cake for a friend it could well cost you £3.50 for a slice of cake which is minus any decoration.  If you took 25 friends into Starbucks – that would cost you £87.50 plus the coffee.  That is for a plain cake with buttercream or ganache type topping sold in slices.   So you could reduce your costs by buying just 21 slices direct from Starbucks.   But they won’t be providing you with a centrepiece giving you platefuls of memories.  I can make a simpler bespoke hand-made gorgeous design.” 


Do NOT discount what is already worked out.  Even a smaller cake with the same design has the same or even more labour-time as it’s even more fiddly.  

A frank discussion of your prices and what designs are available in her serving sizes and budget is necessary.  


But other customers need to know about potential prices too…

But the general public also needs to be made aware of just how much local cafe plain undecorated cake prices are – and they need to stop thinking in terms of prices for machine-made supermarket cake.  

Your cakes are bespoke, hand made with fresh ingredients and the prices do NOT compare to supermarket machine-made cakes full of E numbers.  

Having your portfolio of designs available on Instagram, Facebook, website or somewhere a customer can get a feel for prices with a £x cost per slice is a good way to navigate the “how much” conversation. 

It’s all about having the confidence to position your cakes and bakes as superior to the coffee shops.   And then the conflict of “My cake is too expensive” starts to disappear – because you can explain precisely what love and attention goes into the customer’s order. 


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