Running Cake Taster Sessions

Running cake taster sessions

I saw a cake decorator asking about running cake taster sessions for her potential customer.

She was en route with cupcakes in different flavours. The customer had messaged to say they had changed their mind. She wanted slices delivered instead.

The cake decorators was en route already. This fact implied she had an appointment to deliver them.


Are we a bakery or a home baker?

Some customers think home bakers are like a bakery/cafe. Along with a counter full of freshly made choices to pluck into a box or bag at a moments notice.

Customers need to be aware that home bakers are very special. are.

You carefully craft bespoke and tailored gorgeousness for your customers. You make things by hand and you probably dream about cake designs. That makes you an edible artist and not someone to treat lightly.


Awkward customer alert…

Now warning bells were ringing for me signalling an ‘awkward customer alert’. This query brought up a ton of questions from a business point of view. The point is

  • you should have a value on your time and energy.
  • What is the potential value of the cake they are going to order?
  • Do you have a set minimum spend in order to allow for tasters?

Could you suddenly swap cupcakes for cake slices immediately? Since you are en route…the answer is sorry no.

But a few more questions arise here…since I teach pricing.

  • Are they paying for the tasting session?
  • If paying, how much?
  • Is the fee refundable against a large order?
  • Are they paying for you to deliver them?
  • Mileage?
  • Your time?

Tasting sessions are normally done at the address of the baker. A charge is made for tastings which is offset when they order their large order. The question is…

  • how large is large?
  • What value or occasion activates the tasting opportunity?
  • Do customers dictate what shape their tasters come in?
  • What shape could you offer your tasters in…cupcakes or slices, pillars?
  • Have you considered what flavour choices?
  • And which icing and fillings would compliment the flavours?

Apart from clearly saying sorry you are asking the impossible. If a customer changes their mind whilst you are en route to the appointment… this clearly is unreasonable.


How to organise cake taster sessions before an appointment happens

But before an appointment ever happens we need to set rules about what ‘tasting session’ means.

So many things to think about and to layout to potential customers.

What if the rules for Taster sessions were written out and in black and white and emailed to them?

Or added to social media say on Instagram or Facebook or easily on a page on a website…there is no ambiguity.

No one can be pushed around because you made the rules and displayed them. And it’s your business – so you get to make the rules. Then customers can either order or go elsewhere.

By the way…

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